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An apartment in the center of New York, on 5th avenue: noise reduction and italian style

New York | Stati Uniti
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Imagine the center of New York, with its incessant life. Picture 5th Avenue, with its winding lines of cars and taxis at every hour of the day and night. And now, a hotel with windows overlooking this splendid but noisy spectacle. How to ensure effective noise isolation?

Acoustic reduction of 50dB for these "double-hung" windows

A noise reduction challenge for wooden windows

Just utter the name New York, and it conjures up images of glittering skyscrapers, illuminated shop windows, continuous and bustling life day and night, endless lines of cars, and the yellow glow of taxis. A splendid sight but... noisy! How then to ensure tranquility for the guests of a hotel located right on the bustling 5th Avenue? With quality wooden windows, a lot of experience, and plenty of inventiveness.

A noise reduction of 50 decibels: the windows for a hotel in the center of new york were a true acoustic challenge, requiring quality, experience, and the ability to think outside the box.

We have already discussed the excellent acoustic performance of PBFinestre windows, due to both the materials used and construction methods that effectively counteract the propagation of sound waves. In this case, it was necessary to guarantee a noise reduction of 50 decibels, but not only that: the location and historicity of the building also required adherence to certain architectural characteristics.

Performance and design: custom-made wooden windows for optimal aesthetic results.

As often happens, practical needs and aesthetic requirements had to go hand in hand. In this case, the windows were the typical double-hung type, with a sash window opening. However, experience tells us that windows with casement openings are the ones that allow us to achieve the highest performance in terms of noise insulation.

The challenge was both technical and aesthetic: to achieve a noise reduction of 50 decibels with wooden windows that respected the original style, featuring a sash window opening.

The solution? Simulate the double-hung - fully respecting the original facade - through a carefully designed combination of a fixed wooden window and a casement sash, paired with glass certified for the required noise reduction. This way, aesthetics were preserved, and when the windows are closed, the city's noises are kept at bay.

Custom-made windows to surpass every aesthetic and functional limit

Architectural and technical challenges often converge within the same project, seemingly making design limitations insurmountable. It is at this stage that not only the quality and knowledge of the material come into play but also the experience gained from hundreds of construction sites and the production flexibility that characterizes a company like PBFinestre.

The realization of custom-made windows allows us to apply such flexibility to our design and production processes that every project can be approached optimally, even working closely with architects involved in the design of new constructions or renovations. We are accustomed to accepting challenges. And winning them.

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Haraka | Ashville
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