Doha | Qatar

Doha, Qatar: customized large wooden windows, a technical and aesthetic challenge

Doha | Qatar
Legno alluminio

What to do when dealing with large buildings, designed with majestic architectural canons and featuring extensive openings? The answer lies in the creation of custom-made large windows capable of respecting the aesthetic characteristics of the building while ensuring modern functionality. We did this in Doha, and it was a beautiful challenge.

Windows perfectly integrated into the environment
Custom windows made for an ambitious project in Doha, Qatar
Windows as architectural elements

Majestic style, modern functionality

Custom large doors and windows, towering up to five meters with a four-section opening: significant numbers for a production that had to combine modern functionality, complex technical features, and majestic architectural canons inspired by baroque influences. The realization of the fixtures for this villa in Doha, Qatar, was a beautiful challenge from both a design and an aesthetic perspective.

The challenge lay in three aspects: the large size of the windows, the aesthetic characteristics of the building with majestic and elegant forms, and the technical specifications aimed at ensuring modern functionality and performance while maintaining a classical appearance. The choice fell on custom wood-aluminum clad windows.

By combining all the specified requirements, the most suitable choice was a custom wood-aluminum window, tailored both in terms of dimensions and design. Ensuring perfect functionality and durability over time for windows of these sizes required a dedicated study and a customized implementation.

Special hardware for large windows

First, the adopted style for the building was considered: the villa had unique architectural characteristics, so whatever solution was chosen had to seamlessly integrate into the environment. The request also covered various types of windows and fixtures, but, as expected, the most challenging were the large windows, which had to be created in full compliance with the villa's design while ensuring perfect functionality.

The PBFinestre technical team worked alongside the architect to find the ideal solution from all perspectives. Among the measures taken to achieve this result was the use of special hardware that could ensure security, stability, and durability over time for windows of such large dimensions, subject to very strong stresses.

Modern performance accompanies a classic style suitable for the specific context

The importance of a specialized department

How was it possible to create such large windows? The answer lies in the Atelier line, which represents PBFinestre's special works. This specialized sector is dedicated to projects that require customized solutions in both design and technology, from windows that evoke ancient styles or must reproduce past originals to those that, like these large windows, present particular technical challenges.

The atelier line department, representing the special works of pbfinestre, allows the combination of high craftsmanship characteristics with the precision and performance ensured by a technologically advanced and controlled industrial system.

The beauty of the realized project is evident to all: a play of shapes, dimensions, and colors, where the eye flows enchanted. The harmony lies in the interpenetration of all elements, including the windows that play a significant role in the overall aesthetics. However, behind every realization opens a world of technical solutions, skills, and technology.

The harmonious effect is the result of a careful balance between all architectural elements.
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